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“Throughout a decade into health and fitness I have been through trial & error and field-tested dozens of methods to find out what works and what doesn’t. This enables me to inform you exactly how to achieve maximum results at the shortest and healthiest pace possible.”


You have a fitness goal that you have been procrastinating about or a physique in mind that you have always dreamed of having but seems out of reach. What is the correct method for you to achieve it? After a detailed Skype conversation and Physical assessment a plan will be customized for you tailored to fit exactly to your unique personal situation. The customized training program helps you achieve your fitness goals efficiently and effectively. We will provide you with a clear structure of effective workout splits. The splits are customized based how often per week you can commit yourself to the gym. Changing your body is not rocket science. When you truly commit to follow the program designed for you, results will be guaranteed and it would prevent you from wasting a lot of your valuable time if you would have done it the wrong way.


The foods and drinks you consume throughout your daily habits play a large, if not the largest role in realizing your goals. Correct knowledge on how to handle your nutrition is absolutely essential in achieving a desired physique. Have you been training properly but somehow your body just does not seem to change, no matter how hard you train? Perhaps you eat too little, too much or you are blindly missing out important nutrients. Training is the easy part of the process. The hard part of truly transforming your body in a pace that makes even your friends and family members wonder how you’ve done it lays for a large part in nutrition. Looking at your current lifestyle, food habits and goals that you’ve set for yourself we will provide tailored advice with recommendations on what types of foods and supplements to consume.


A habit is an intersection of knowledge (the what to do), skill (the how to do), and most importantly your desire (the want to do). If you lack the desire it simply won’t become a habit. In order to make something a habit in our lives, we have to have all three. It requires work in all three dimensions. The biggest challenge is maintaining a new lifestyle pattern as this is key to continuous success. Physical exercise and eating healthy are indispensable in helping you achieve your objectives. Besides weekly coaching calls to keep you on track I will provide you with my 24/7 availability for questions and support either via WhatsApp, Text, Email, FaceTime, Facebook messenger, or through our Training App. Guaranteed 24 hour response time and you will have my 110% commitment to ensure you get results if you adhere to the program and follow my instructions.



schedule your free breakthrough session

Select a date and time (via the scheduling page) to book a free breakthrough session where we do a deep dive into your unique personal situation and come up with a roadmap to realize your goals ASAP.



Fill out application

Complete the application form. The questionnaire is designed to provide me with essential information so that I am able to serve you most effectively on the call. You will help me better understand your exact needs & wants.




Once it is decided that you are a good fit and you are invited to join the program we will get you ready to go through our onboarding process. Your custom tailored plans will be created as soon as you submit everything we need from you.


Master your lifestyle and get results

Start your transformation!
You will be given access to the JY Endurance App and work closely together with your coach to attain and sustain the BEST & fittest version of you both physically and mentally.