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The place for busy entrepreneurs, professionals and corporates pursuing vitality through lifestyle changes and a fit workplace

Business Bootcamp

Preventively ensure the employability of you and your staff
Decrease absenteeism, costs & increased performance

Employee Lifestyle Coaching

Avoid physical health complaints and potential burnouts
Guidance for a physically and mentally fit employee

Workplace Wellness & Prevention

Employees are more likely to perform optimal and accelerate in productivity if they are physically and mentally fit. Individuals can be far more energetic, collegial, goal-oriented, and suffer less from potential stress symptoms if they feel great physically, and have the control over their body and mind.

We believe that when your staff is able to be the best version of themselves it directly correlates to better results at the office. Health complaints and a rising trend in burn-outs amongst employees are frequently occurring. Therefore, preventively ensure the employability of you, and your staff.

There is an increase in obesity rates and people making unhealthy lifestyle decisions in this fast-paced society. Let JY Endurance be the catalyst to your yourself and your organisation in learning to maintain a fit and more durable workplace environment in the long run.

We facilitate entrepreneurs, busy professionals and corporates in enhancing overall health and vitality. Our main focus will be on the physical and mental health of your employees. We proactively combat absenteeism through lifestyle coaching, and our business bootcamps at the office.

You can only achieve the best results when you and your employees feel fit and healthy.

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