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Workplace Wellness & Prevention

False absenteeism occurs amongst employees and can put additional stress on colleagues. A less developed mental and physical fitness of an employee could lead to an accumulation of unresolved factors. This in turn results in more stress and dissatisfaction to a point that an employee will start neglecting responsibilities. Neglect and absenteeism can easily become one of the biggest expenses for a company. Fortunately, it is something that you can preventively do something about in advance.

Companies are often facing a lot of pressure that comes with the intense workload. Increased levels of stress can result in less collaborative departments and higher levels of neglect. This could very possibly translate into extra costs for you and your business. It is important for thriving companies to proactively create a positive work atmosphere by investing in the vitality of its employees. Employees who feel fit will achieve better synergy, are less likely to be ill or dissatisfied, and perform better.

Reducing the amount of absenteeism can cost a company a lot of valuable time and money. Many companies only wake up to this realisation once the numbers are too high. Preventively going against this common issue in advance can be beneficial and truly cost-effective. In a free no-obligation consultation we look at which options would be best suited for your company and how JY Endurance can help in building a fitter workplace environment. Healthier employees are better employees!

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