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Lifestyle Mastery Mentoring

The LMM program is designed to help you make a permanent change and empower you to make better lifestyle choices, maintain workout momentum and continuous progression.

It is hard work because anything worthwhile never comes easy. Having an experienced fitness professional coach you over the next several months is only part of it, and can potentially save you a lot of your time and money doing things the wrong way.

With over ten years of experience gained from countless hours of research, field-testing, and trial & error I fully embrace this lifestyle and its habits myself and practise what I preach.

If you are ready, willing and committed to make significant personal change with the support of an online personal coach to hold you accountable for your actions, then I encourage you to enrol in the program and start today!

Free Initial Consultation

Personal Transformation Coaching
  • √ Direct Coaching via WhatsApp
  • √ Weekly Check-Ins to track progress
  • √ Custom macronutrient guidelines
  • √ Personalized workout routine
  • √ Supplement advice
  • √ Proven method (Evidence-based)

Lifestyle Mastery

Personal Transformation Coaching
  • √ Direct Coaching via WhatsApp
  • √ Weekly Check-Ins to track progress
  • √ Custom macronutrient guidelines
  • √ Personalized workout routine
  • √ Supplement advice
  • √ Proven method (Evidence-based)

Breakthrough Session

  • FREE 60-minute coaching call
  • Book your free strategy session

Training and nutrition plan based on your current condition & goals with updates.

Supplement advice is provided based on your personal situation, goals & budget.

Proven method. Everything is supported and backed by scientific research.

Weekly check-ins to keep track of your progress and to make adjustments.


An online coach to hold you accountable and give you the support you need.

Message your trainer directly via WhatsApp for quick communication.

Enabling busy entrepreneurs and professionals to adopt the mindset & key habits to get in phenomenal shape


Drastically increase your Energy, Focus and Results.

Are you constantly fatigued, have no energy for activities besides your responsibilities?

Do you find it hard to stick to a healthy lifestyle choice that you made?

Are you willing to make THE step towards a fitter and healthier life?


Optimize Synergy with a Supercharged Workforce.

Would you like to preventively ensure the employability of you and your staff?

Want to avoid physical health complaints and potential burnouts?

Do you wish to increase performance and decrease absenteeism?

Create Healthy Habits

By learning to plan your meals and to control your portions you will be able to create a sustainable habit that allows you to manage your fitness and wellness for a lifetime.


Accelerate Your Results

It is important to eat based on your current condition and ultimate goal. When your calories are in-line with your objectives you are likely to accelerate your results.

Workplace Wellness & Prevention


are designed & personalized based on your current condition
and your ideal goal. Your schedule, experience
and access to workout equipment
will be taken into account.
Healthier employees, healthier profits.
Companies that invest in employee health outperform their peers.
Employee health & well-being are strong determinants of retention and productvity.


Online 1-on-1 Fitness & Lifestyle Coaching
Physique Transformation
Personalized Meal Plan
Personalized Workout Plan
Body Fat Reduction & Habit Alteration
Strength, Hypertrophy, Power, and Muscular Endurance
Exercise Programming (Beginner to Intermediate & Advanced)

False absenteeism occurs amongst employees and can put additional stress on colleagues. A less developed mental and physical fitness of an employee could lead to an accumulation of unresolved factors. This in turn results in more stress and dissatisfaction to a point that an employee will start neglecting responsibilities. Neglect and absenteeism can easily become one of the biggest expenses for a company. Fortunately, it is something that you can preventively do something about in advance.

Companies are often facing a lot of pressure that comes with the intense workload. Increased levels of stress can result in less collaborative departments and higher levels of neglect. This could very possibly translate into extra costs for you and your business. It is important for thriving companies to proactively create a positive work atmosphere by investing in the vitality of its employees. Employees who feel fit will achieve better synergy, are less likely to be ill or dissatisfied, and perform better.

Reducing the amount of absenteeism can cost a company a lot of valuable time and money. Many companies only wake up to this realisation once the numbers are too high. Preventively going against this common issue in advance can be beneficial and truly cost-effective. In a free no-obligation consultation we look at which options would be best suited for your company and how JY Endurance can help in building a fitter workplace environment. Healthier employees are better employees!






My name is John Yeh and I am an Evidence-based Online Coach & Personal Trainer. JY Endurance is a wellness company providing services to facilitate entrepreneurs and professionals in realizing their full health potential.

Ever since I was a young teenager I’ve been into fitness and nutrition.
At age 13 I started lifting dumbbells that I occasionally took from my brother’s bedroom.
At 16 I first visited the gym and began going frequently ever since 2008.
Back then, I was a rookie weighing 47kg with the “dream” of packing on some weight because I felt scrawny.
I spent thousands upon thousands of hours in- and out of the gym honing my craft. I am a big believer in leading by example. Therefore, I fully embrace this lifestyle myself and practice what I preach.

Through countless hours of evidence-based research and trial & error practises I have gained the knowledge to pass onto others, and enable them to build a lifelong strong and energetic lifestyle that they enjoy. My mission is to share my passion and expertise to help busy entrepreneurs and professionals permanently transform their unhealthy lifestyle, and build fitter workplace environments.



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